A few guidelines to ensure the reliability of your watch and keep it looking new.




Be sure to wipe down your watch regularly with fresh water and soap, especially after it has been in salt water. This will help preserve its look and running condition.



If the temperature changes suddenly, a slight condensation may appear under the crystal of your watch. This mist will disappear by itself and will not affect the functions of the watch. If the condensation persists, please contact us at repair@meisterwatches.com.



When you are not wearing your MSTR watch, battery life can be prolonged by pulling the crown out to position 2. Do not forget to push the crown to position 1 and screw it down before wearing your watch again. Your MSTR watch has a battery end-of-life indicator which you will notice when the second hand jumps in four-second steps. The average battery life is two years. We recommend that you have the battery changed by a certified jeweler. All models can also be sent directly to us for battery replacement. You will incur a reasonable service charge for watches sent to us for battery replacement. Please contact us at repair@meisterwatches.com


 Pressure Seals

Over time, damage to the seals may affect the water-resistance of your watch. Have your MSTR dealer check your watch every year to prevent this.



Our straps are made of the finest leather and protected against humidity. However, frequent and extended submersion in water may cause their color to darken and they could lose some of their suppleness.


 User Manuals