Pilot : Black Lion
Key Trait: Leader
Tail Power: Shock Tail
After years of being on his own as a rebel outlaw, searching for the secret location of the Black Lion, Keith is back to lead the Voltron Force team. He hasn't missed a beat when it comes to calling the shots in the Black Lion which forms the head of Voltron.


Pilot : Red Lion
Key Trait: Fast
Tail Power: Precision Laser
After years of posing as a loyal lieutenant in Wade's army, Lance is almost complete in leading the secret resistance movement, known as The Den, to bring back Voltron. The hot-headed right arm of Voltron in the Red Lion, Lance sees a lot of himself in new cadet Daniel, but isn't about to give up his spot.


Pilot : Blue Lion
Key Trait: Focused Attacks
Tail Power: Freeze Beam
As future Queen of Arus, Allura considers it her mission to train her niece, Larmina, to pilot Blue Lion which makes up the right leg of Voltron. She assures the rest of the Voltron Force team that these new cadets were brought to them to serve a higher destiny.


Pilot : Green Lion
Key Trait: Recharging Technology
Tail Power: Tail Blades
All grown up, the super-genius of the Voltron Force and Green Lion pilot will be studying, discovering, and researching the incredible new powers and configurations of Voltron. In his spare time, the left arm of Voltron likes to create techno-music as an anonymous galaxy-famous DJ!


Pilot : Yellow Lion
Key Trait: Strength
Tail Power: Hammer Tail
The pilot of Yellow Lion and the left leg of Voltron isn't just muscle. This gearhead can create almost anything in his monster garage, but also finds time to write his own rock anthems. He will particularly bond with the new cadets in a big brother role.