Money Mayweather

Meister was recently approached by The Money Team to design a watch, since Floyd is a Master of his craft its a perfect match for us.  Floyd is an Ambassador for boxing and is the one of the very few unbeaten boxers in the world! This week he will be getting in the ring to fight Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, Saturday night in Las Vegas.  This will be the fight of the century and probably our generation.


To commemorate Floyd and TMT we came up with a simple all black with red accents design.  The watch features a 6 - Japanese chronograph movement and is made in extremely low quantity.  This watch was made for the close friends and family of Floyd, but there will be amount of 50-100 watches available to the public.  Theres no set release date right now, but expect to see it available online really soon in the month of MAY!

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