Split-it payments program:

Purchase any watch and get 0% interests free financing using your existing credit card. No fees! Just setup a payment plan and get your watch right away while making payments. Theres no credit check and no application to fill out. Get started instantly! Just choose a payment installment plan, up to three payments using your existing credit card. 

Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard

How to use Split-it:

ÔĽŅDuring check out process, you can select split-it as a payment option. ¬†You will then be redirected to the split-it secured payment gateway. ¬†This is where you will be able to select which payment plan you want and create an account.

How Split-it works:

Splitit authorizes purchases by reserving your available line of credit on the¬†credit card. Then, each month, according to your¬†payment plan, Splitit collects the installment amount and reissues the authorization request for the remaining balance‚ÄĒbefore the current authorization expires.
The Splitit service, which takes just seconds to operate,

Access your split-it account