Known for designing stylish, quality timepieces with impeccable craftsmanship, Meister Watches has partnered with premium carmaker, Lexus, on a new watch that speaks to the young, adventurous, and successful man who enjoys the finer things in life. The Lexus sportĀ performance 'F' series inspiresĀ a watch that mirrors the same high-fueled concept with it's polished design, and attention to detail. While Lexus traditionally favors comfort over sportiness, the 'F' line isĀ a sports car category that rivalsĀ their luxury sport competitors. In the same regard, Meister's design shares the same ethos for sport and luxury.

In an effort to marry Meister's sporty yet contemporary identity with Lexus's 'F' line, an aggressive case design isĀ incorporated to match the 'F' sport styling of the car.Ā Carbon fiber textiles areĀ also integrated into the dial design to match the 'F'Ā sport accessories, and a blue color scheme isĀ co-opted to reflect the Lexus brandsĀ signature Hybrid blue detail of the 'F' sport logo. Lexus 'F'Ā models also feature interior and exterior upgrades, and areĀ differentiated visually byĀ the Ā mesh grille, and spoiler; elements which are highlighted in the black rubber strap of the watch.


Ā The Lexus 'F' Line

The racing car-inspired engineering of the Lexus 'F' line delivers pulse-quickening performance with refinement and a razor-sharp edge. The 'F'Ā line is the brand's high-performance arm, and the marque refers to the birthplace and primary testing point of this sports car division. In this way, the Ā 'F' signifies true high performance based on motor-sport technology. Lexus 'F' vehicles are born of a pure passion for driving, and are dedicated to ultra performance with a unique Lexus perspective on extreme driver engagement.