The Kinjaz, is a band of brothers on a quest to fearlessly explore the depths of their imagination and artistic purpose. With over 30 total members hailing from up and the coast of California, including individuals who specialize in other skills besides dance. They consider themselves as the "Artist's brotherhood", and are know for their signature intricate choreography style and creative storytelling through dance and new media. Kinjaz, shared objective is to cultivate "brotherhood at all costs", support each other to reach their highest collective potential, and positively impact the world with their time and abilities.

Kinjaz brotherhood holds fast to the philosophy of simplicity with cutthroat precision. The way of the Kinjaz is the ability to adapt to any environment with water-like mobility, yet possessing the ability to attack any task with the keen precision like that of a katana sword. Inspired by the cold hard steel of the katana blade.

The MSTR MKIII features a silver metal bezel, black dial face and black rubber wrist band presents a sleek look with the mobility for the most active lifestyle. The time piece is both subtle and decorated.

Kinjaz are always aware of his surroundings and is able to rise to any challenge with confident humility. We are the Movement In The Shadows.





KINJAZ x MSTR / Ambassador MKIII