Meister Watches has teamed up with Brandon Jennings on 3 watches starting with his early days on the Milwaukee Bucks.  The first two were based on the discontinued Prodigy platform and paid homage to his time with the Bucks with matching green accents.  These watches were more casual and featured lightweight plastic casing with rubber straps.  
The final MSTR collaboration was a special edition Brandon Jennings Rose Gold Ambassador which featured an all-rose gold stainless steel band and casing, and was designed to meet the NBA star's personal style. Red accenting was added to the second and chronograph arms to bring out the all gold dialface. It was limited to just 150 pieces.
"I got a different style, that's why my watches are different. I just like to think outside the box," said Jennings. "I wanted to come back with the rose gold, because I'm older now and I needed a grown man watch. Rose gold is really in... and it's just something you can wear with suits and everything."
Check out Brandon Jennings interview discussing his MSTR watches with Baller Status below: