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Based on the award winning video game "The Last of Us" this is Joels watch. Now featured in the the HBO series! This watch was produced years ago exclusively for the playstation experience event and online store. This watch was limited to 1000 pcs and sold out!  Should we make a new version? If your interested sign up by email!

Here are four scenes where Joels watch is featured and the significance:

The opening scene: The game's prologue begins with Joel and Sarah in their home on the night of the outbreak. Sarah gives Joel a watch as a birthday present, and he puts it on his wrist. This sets up the significance of the watch as a symbol of Joel's connection to his daughter and his past.

The museum scene: In one of the game's quieter moments, Joel and Ellie explore a natural history museum. While there, they come across a display of watches, and Joel tells Ellie about the significance of his own watch. This scene serves to deepen their relationship and provide insight into Joel's past.

The hospital scene: Near the end of the game, Joel discovers that Ellie is about to be killed in order to create a vaccine for the fungal infection. He fights his way through the hospital to rescue her, and during the ensuing chaos, his watch is broken. This moment represents the ultimate sacrifice that Joel is willing to make for Ellie, as he is willing to risk everything, including his most cherished possession, to save her.

The final scene: In the game's emotional ending, Joel and Ellie have a conversation about their journey together. Joel tells Ellie that he has been keeping a close eye on his watch to ensure that it keeps working, because it reminds him of the time they spent together. This moment reinforces the importance of the watch as a symbol of their bond and Joel's connection to his past.