New Major Watch

July 12, 2018 1 min read

The Major Watch is back!  Meister has just re-introduced the Major Watch, in a never before done nor seen, 2-tone color with Rose Gold and Black.  The two tone combination of Rose Gold and Black has been Meister’s best selling combination. The Major Watch by MSTR was originally introduced to the product line in the holiday season of 2016, and has been in high demand ever since.  The Major model in general has been well received by all customers, as well as, celebrities such as Post Malone, Olympic Athlete-Willy Clay, and other popular online influencers.

The Major Watch is detailed with the original carbon fiber dial from the original Major watch, and with a case sizing of 50mm x 44mm x 11mm band.  Just like our Ambassador and MK3 models, the Major’s watch band also has the interchangeable watch function, which allows you to swap out bands from our site.

Conveniently priced at $250, this Major Watch will surely turn heads and adjust to your lifestyle.  When we released the Major model, special edition with Willy Clay, it sold out in a short amount of time.  This 2-tone Major Watch will be released in late July 20, 2018, and will be the first of two Major Watches we will be releasing this year.  We look forward to sharing the second coming with you very soon…


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-Team MSTR