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January 28, 2022 1 min read

The playboy himself Mr. Tory Lanez ☔ is collaborating with us to make a one of kind Forever Umbrella watch! The silhouette Tory has chosen is none other than our new redesigned MK4. Tory isn't just a top singer/rapper and producer, no, he's much more. Tory is known for his melodic voice, his catchy  hooks and even remixing songs of other artist and doing them better. Now, he'll be known for a much more different craft. A watch maker, trend setter and as we call it here in our home a "Meister". 

Limited to 200 pcs world wide ☔

The watches will be available in a steel band or leather band starting at $250 USD. 

Will be available to purchase on 3/2/22

Click here to see Tory talk about the watches on his Fargo youtube blog!


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