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Painted by carefully observing their movements and shapes, Van Gogh‚Äôs ‚ÄúIrises‚ÄĚ truly depicts the uniqueness of the flowers‚Äô nature and silhouettes. This watch was designed with the same intentionality, with the perfect crop of the painting chosen as the dial with the color of the steel case chosen to compliment the face of the watch. This is a brand new Ambassador in a 41mm size. It also has a slimmer profile making for a great fit and feel with todays smaller watches. The new 41 Ambassador also features an interchangeable strap, making it easy to change from a steel band to leather band.

van gogh blue watch
iris artwork
blue watch
blue van gogh watch by mstr
back of watch
gold watch

These ornate watches feature details from Vase of Flowers, a still life painted by Jan van Huysum in 1722. Arranged in a terracotta vase displaying an antique relief, Jan van Huysum included flowers from all seasons of the year. He painstakingly applied layer upon layer of thin oil glazes to capture the brilliant colors and delicate textures of the blossoms showcased on the watch faces.

gold watch
gold watch
gold watch front shot