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by Ryan Pietersz April 27, 2015

Our Rosegold watches have been catching a lot of attention lately. Bellow is a couple of nice things that have been said about the brand and links to the full post with pics. 

Meet the watch brand everyone's geeking out over

"The Ambassador and Meister’s newly released Mark II Ambassador watches happen to be one of the most attractive designs from these series of collections. Personally, I always prefer a watch that can contain both the elements of a sporty yet masculine touch, which is what I see in the Mark II. "

Now Trending Rose Gold 

"Rose gold always adds that touch of elegance, it's not as in your face as gold or silver, it's under the radar. As of late I've noticed more & more accessories being made in this elegant color. I feel it is a way to set you apart from the doldrums of silver, platinum & gold. While there are various shades of rose gold, stick to a piece that veers away from a pink tone, as it may come off as a tad too feminine. Stick to more copper based tones, like the Meister watch "



Ryan Pietersz
Ryan Pietersz


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