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#Kings boardshop

April 24, 2015 1 min read


Kings Boardshop in Montclair is not your typical boutique. Just imagine every flagship store on Fairfax in one enormous facility. At first glance you feel giddy like a child in a candy store. 

What really caught my eye was the wall to wall hat collection. Kings has done a great job with dividing all products and yet not overwhelming individuals with to many items. 

Their store layout has also placed a few classics for the car enthusiast to appreciate while shopping for new threads. The Nike Sb section itself wraps around a classic slug bug VW. 

Kings is one of the few stores that I walk into and can't leave without finding one item I must purchase. The staff is knowledgeable and highly rated with customer service according to Yelp. From the minute you step foot into the location till you approach the counter, it's a great experience. Also, keep an eye out for the MSTR display highlighting our new 2015 Collection. 



4889 Holt Blvd
Montclair, CA 91763

Phone number(909) 398-1285 

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