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Jordan Clarkson

March 31, 2015 1 min read

Jordan Clarkson has been on a roll lately, last night he hit a game winner in overtime!  

Unfortunately for me as a laker fan that win doesn't help us in trying to get a good lottery pick for next season!  Its been a rough season for the lakers but Jordan has made it somewhat entertaining to watch.  Its still really hard for me to watch a complete laker game from start to finish.  Jordan is our hope for the lakers future and im glad he likes our brand!

Heres some photos of Jordan wearing our watches;

#GQStylewars - AM204RB Mk2 Ambassador

Jordan and Jeremy - AV110CB Aviator

First asian-american back court in the NBA, you can follow both of them @Jclarkson5 & @Jlin7



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