#MarkIII Ambassador

March 25, 2015 1 min read

Introducing our newest model, the Ambassador Mk3.  This design has a features a completely different dial face and bezel from the Mk2's traditional Dive functions which make it a more casual going out watch.  Great for everyday use, with its comfortable rubber strap.

The Mk3 features a new machined stainless steel bezel with 6 cuts and 6 bolts. The dial face has been updated with a dual layer sandwich dial with glowing indicators.  The original hours markers have been replaced by triangle markers and the date window is now circular. 

The watch is available now in 2 different colorways, Black or Rose gold.  The rose gold is personally my favorite, the way the bezel shines, just makes the watch look amazing.

Check out this new colorway that was designed with Lexus for their Fsport program.  It will be available soon and will be a limited edition release! 


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