The Skeleton Automatic is one of the most highly requested and sought-after styles of our timepieces--taking us years to get our hands on again--so we wanted to make sure its return to the MSTR lineup was a special one. It was only right that that we brought the uniquely robust movement to the reimagined, refined, sleek silhouette of the Noble.

The bolt-less, cut-less design allows for a clear view of the exposed movement, with no distractions. Both the "Desert Gold" and "Chromatic" finishes allow for the contrasting black outer ring of the face and the exposed movement to be the star of the show, with subtle polished accents on both the hour index and movement to honor the respective finishes. 

The Quartz Edition Noble puts the focus on the sleek silhouette of the updated design. From the Ultra-Matte All Black finish to the Ultra-Matte Silver and Hyper Yellow color-way, each watch carries the juxtaposition of boldness and refinement through the use of both monochromatic and highly contrasting color-ways on the cut-less and bolt-less design.

The monochromatic color concepts like Yellow Gold, Desert Gold & Black, and All Black offer and subtle statement while the highly contrasting concepts like Hyper Yellow and Crimson Red offer the unique touch of vibrant color pop in the face of the clean Ultra-Matte Silver finish.